7 Characteristics of a Godly Woman By Joyce Meyer

7 Characteristics of a Godly Woman
By Joyce Meyer

A godly woman desires to receive a vision from God that will give her a glimpse into her future.
A godly woman has courage to be herself in all situations. She never compromises her godly values and teachings to fit in with her surroundings. She is faithful to God at all times.
A godly woman’s strength is demonstrated during times of difficult tests. When things in life seem heavy to bear or people don’t understand how she can maintain joy and peace in God, she confesses that the “joy of the Lord is my strength”.
A godly woman is bold in her approach to fulfilling the will of God in her life. She is not offensive as to hurt others feelings but she is not afraid to do or go where God commands her to go. Her boldness rises when others may have a draw back spirit or are afraid of what others may think of them.
A godly woman is convinced that God cannot fail. She seeks Him and goes to Him in every situation in her life because she believes without a doubt that God is on her side, she has victory in every area of her life and that the schemes of the devil will not prosper.
A Godly woman trusts in God’s word. Through prayer she is sure that God is always involved in her affairs.

A Godly woman must understand and know her purpose from God. She has spent time in prayer and studying God’s word to know what God has deemed for her corporately and individually.

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