Everyone has times when they feel tired and overwhelmed by the pressures of life. But notice, this scripture gives us a clear remedy: Hope in the Lord. It’s easy to put your hope in other things; maybe you had hope in a relationship, hope in a job, hope in the stock market. It’s time to redirect your hope to the One who will never let you down; the One who never changes, the Rock of Ages.

When you’re tempted to give up on your dreams, when you’re tempted to just settle where you are, listen to that still, small voice of hope on the inside that says, “No way. This is not who I am. I was created to live in victory. I was created to overcome this sickness. I was created to rise above these problems.” Put your hope and trust in the Lord because He is faithful! As you do, He will renew your strength. He’ll cause you to soar on wings like the eagle, and you’ll be empowered to move forward confidently into the victory He has for you! 

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