Do you ever feel like you are inconveniencing God? Are you content to just barely get by in life, to just endure it? Some people think they are being humble by not asking God for things, but Jesus paid a precious price to give us abundant life! He loves to hear us call upon His name!

I encourage you today to be bold and dare to believe God. Don´t just think "survival" when God is thinking "abundance." If you will think bigger, you´ll see God act bigger in your life. When you release your faith in a big way, God doesn´t say, "Who do they think they are? The nerve of that person." No, when you stretch your faith, it brings a smile to God´s face. He probably says to the angels, "Listen to what they´re saying. They believe I can do great things. They believe I can turn any situation around. They´ve got their trust and confidence in Me, so I´m not going to disappoint them!"
The Scripture says "our faith pleases God." So take a step of faith today and dare to believe that God will do the impossible in your life! 

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